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2 Minutes A Day You Need, To Be Happier – Here’s How!

You may not have heard that happiness lies in the little things. Recently, and scientists have confirmed it.

A new study proves: if we spend even two minutes a day at nature, we will feel more joyful, relaxed and satisfied.

When a person sees a bird, a plant along the road or even the sun, that shines through the window, it increases the sense of happiness.

People who participated in the study recorded what they observed and recorded their feelings.
“It’s not about hours outdoors or excursions of nature,” said Holly-Ann Pasmor, the lead author of the study, “it’s a tree at the stop in the city and the positive effect, that a tree can have on people”

The study involved 395 people, divided into two groups – one had to spot and photograph natural objects and the other – objects made by man. Both were compared with a control group, and they were not allowed to watch and take pictures of anything else.

As you might expect, the group that shot natural objects reported even the most happy moments.

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