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In Just 14 Days, I Cleaned The Whole Body Of Toxins With Only 3 Walnuts A Day!

This is a recipe in which there is nothing strange at first glance. Yes, it takes a little more time to do, but the result is worth it

Refresh your health with this product: a unique recipe from our ancestors.

Recipe with sprouts?

The benefits of germinating seeds and grains know almost all people who eats healthy foods.

Within 14 days, your energy potential will increase many times. Using this recipe, you can cleanse the body of toxins, slow down the aging process. This prescription is recommended for the recovery of the immune and nervous system. And that is only a small part of the benefits you will experience after regular use of this powerful recipe. How to make sprouted walnuts?


Take 1 kg of raw nuts, put them in a jar and pour them with cold water. Water needs to cover walnuts. Put on the windowsill for 14 days. Do not forget to change the water over the next day. Stir carefully the kernels in the morning and in the evening. After two weeks, the recipe is ready for use. Keep the recipe in the fridge in the same water they sprouted.

In order to achieve a therapeutic effect, take three sprouted nuts two or three times a day.

Sprouted walnuts are beneficial to all people, regardless of age. Caution should be used only by people who have problems with the pancreas

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