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Stop Wasting Your Money for Hair Straightening! This Simple Kitchen Ingredient Can Give You Straight Hair Naturally!

Heredity is the main factor that influences the type of your hair.  The environment, nutrition and care, of course, also leave their mark. But so often we hear that if nature does not give you a dense hair, there is nothing to change. We do not agree with that. All you need for this, you already have in your home. You only have to stretch your arms to get the desired hair.

To grow hair faster and make your hair thicker, shiny and healthier, it is worth using these special effective blends based on the available home products you have. Cosmetic masks only “polish” hair, but they do not stimulate growth. We offer 6 masks that will give results and only for a month.

How to Grow Your Hair

For most people, the hair grows at 1.5 centimeters each month, ie,

0.35 mm each day. Considering the fact that in a month it is possible to grow up to 20 cm, but these are single cases, a human must not fly high in the clouds and imagine such an unreal glow. You can always increase the size of your hair.

In summer, hair grows faster than in winter. In some people, growth is more active during the day than at night. What girls do not do to stimulate growth and achieve the desired result. We suggest turning to methods that have worked for many centuries and there is no mistake

6 ways to speed hair growth

Review each of the options. Choose the one you like best and check its performance. Later, you can go to the next option to decide which works best on your hair. Each ingredient knows how to work for your wishes

Cut the leaves of aloe in half and squeeze the juice. Rub the liquid into the roots of your hair with massaging movements. This will help the juice to penetrate deeper, as well as improve your blood circulation. Stay in this way for two hours, then wash your hair

Apple vinegar
Once you have washed your hair in the usual way, use apple vinegar instead of your favorite balm. Do not rinse, just let it drain and then dry with a hairdryer.

Eggs yolk
Stir two yolks. Apply onto your hair. Wrap with a nylon, then simply put a warm cloth. Stay for 40 minutes, then wash you hair..

Mix a glass of cognac with a few eggs. Add some olive oil. Apply on the roots and distribute the product along the length. Stay this way an hour, then wash your head and dry.

Mix 1 teaspoon almond oil, one lemon juice and egg yolk. Heat the mixture a little and apply to the hair.

Take 2 teaspoons of cinnamon and add a few drops of essential oil. Leave the mixture to act on your hair for half an hour. Rinse with shampoo.

You will surely not see the first results after one application of masks

Expect to be within a month and a half after first use, provided one of the above masks is applied 2-3 times a week.

Share with us some of your secret home masks.

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