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Doctors Recommend It: Purifies The Liver As A Vacuum Cleaner

It’s not just a vegetable cocktail, but a healing serum for the liver! I once had health problems and the doctor offered a course of antibiotics. After the medication process, I felt terrible: I had a weight on the right side, a bitter taste in the mouth, a slight nausea after eating – a whole bunch of feelings known to those with liver problems …

I accidentally saw the recipe of this cocktail, I was inspired and decided to try. Delicious drink, cleanses the body, what more people want! In one week, every day I drank a glass of this vegetable drink and I started to feel as if I had never been better! I advise you to try …

Healthy cocktail


3 carrot
2 green apples
1 beet
half a lemon without peel it
a piece of fresh ginger
a few leaves of green salad or spinach


Squeeze all the vegetables in a juicer after washing and cleaning. Add 2 cups of water to a concentrated vegetable drink!

Carrots, rich in flavonoids and vitamin A, feed the liver.

Pectin contained in apples helps eliminate toxins.

Leaves of green salad provide good circulation and strengthen immunity.

Ginger and lemon contribute to the excellent functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, relieve swelling and improve metabolism.

In raw beets, there are many fiber useful for the intestines.

This is the best thing you can give your liver. Try the curative effect on yourself and soon there will be no reason for concern

Tell us your recipes from healthy cocktails that you prefer and we will be very grateful!

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