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Immediately Start Drinking: An Adult Peasant Drank This Drink Daily And Lived For 152 Years! Drink for longevity!

Thomas Parr is an English peasant who lived 152 years and drank this serum daily.

Properties and health benefits of serum

This drink can be consumed from the day you were born until the old age.

It is very similar to breast milk, so newborns can drink it.

Completely natural whey consists of 1% protein and more than 93% water.

The main ingredients are: iron, manganese, sodium, zinc, phosphorus, cobalt, potassium, vitamins and magnesium.

The best thing in serum – the fact that in 100 grams of whey contains 26 calories, making it an excellent choice for people who want to lose weight.

The most useful drink for a damaged liver

Healthy liver is very important for the overall health of the body. This drink is known to be an effective tool for cleaning liver from toxins.

It is therefore recommended for people suffering from liver diseases.

It is rich in beta-lactoglobulin, which delivers amino acids to the body.

These amino acids are proven to help even in progressive liver disease.

Experts say people suffering from cirrhosis should take supplements with these amino acids.

Serum also contains alpha-lactalbumin, which is the basic amino acid tryptophan. This amino acid has proven effective in fighting insomnia and poor mood.

Serum is rich in lysozyme and immunoglobulin, which stimulates the immune system. It is rich in lactoferrin, which protects the body from toxins and infections.

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that can help with cancer, Parkinson’s disease, thyroid problems, sclerosis and chronic inflammation.

For Weight Loss

Drink serum if you want to lose weight, suffer from some serious illness or if you are constantly stressed. Serum contains electrolytes, so it moistens the body and gives you energy.

Whey protein also contains an important protein that is a particularly important part of every competitor’s diet, as it accelerates muscle strengthening after workout, weight loss and reduced appetite.

Serum improves nerve function because it regulates sugar levels and blood pressure. You can regulate fatigue, high blood pressure and stress by consuming serum.

Folk medicine for indigestion

The lactic acid contained in the serum acts against fungi and bacteria in the intestine.

Consume it regularly if you suffer from: constipation, convulsions, abdominal swelling and inflammation.

This old folk remedy can be used against:

  • chronic fatigue
    cleaning the body with toxins
    reduced immunity,
    high pressure
    abdominal discomfort
    obesity stress

Preparation and use of the serum

You can prepare the house-made whey from fresh milk or buy it in the market or from a local manufacturer.

Serum from goat’s milk is most useful, but you can also use cow’s milk. You can get one kilogram of cheese and nine liters of whey from 10 liters of milk.

Since serum contains diuretic properties, you should first drink it moderately. Start with 150 ml. three times a day, then gradually increase the dose to one liter per day.

If you suffer from digestive problems, mix one teaspoon of serum in a glass of water. Drink this mixture before each meal.

Serum can also be used as a cosmetic product. It is extremely effective for skin and hair care.

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