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10 Ways To Find Out If It Is A Real Butter (Photos)

When we buy butter in the supermarket, we try to pay attention to the composition. Most manufacturers assure us that their products have the best quality in the market but, unfortunately, they sometimes write the same on all packs, and in fact, in addition to these ingredients also include many other substances.

When searching for natural butter, most of us are trying to find a real product at the market, but how to check what they sell. We want to tell you about the ways you can check the authenticity of the butter unmistakably and find out what you hold in your hands.

How To Find Out If It Is A Real Butter?

1. See the composition, there must be only 2 ingredients: whole milk and fermented whipped cream.

2. If the packaging does not write “butter” anywhere, it may be margarine or other similar product.

3. This can also tell you the price because it consists of cow’s milk and this makes the product much more expensive

4. The color of the butter should not be too yellow or too white.

5. Natural butter does not stick to the package and knife and it is difficult enough to cut a piece of it.

6.Check the shelf life if the butter is made from real cow’s milk, then this period should not exceed ten days. If you bought an butter in a metal box, the shelf life should not exceed three months.

7 .. When natural butter begins to melt, it happens evenly, there should be no droplets on the butter surface. They only appear if it is a margarine.

8. Cream butter will melt more slowly than soft margarine.

9. If the butter is made of high quality products, it will be firm and smooth, and when you cut it, you may see a small shine.

10. It is very important that the butter does not fall apart after being removed from the refrigerator. It should be smeared on the bread with a thick, even layer.

Now you know how to choose natural butter. Share the article with your friends so they also know how to distinguish a real product from a fake!

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