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A Sister Is More Than A Friend, Is Half Of Our Heart

Although we can have times for less relationship, the truth is that our sisters will always be there when we need them, and they will be that friend to whom we can tell everything, at any time

A sister is more than a friend. The link we establish with them goes beyond the familiar. It is that companion of battles, that daily and unbreakable pillar with which we can always count.

Although there may be some differences, and the years of childhood or adolescence were, without a doubt, a whole field of competition, discussions, clothes to share and envy to disguise, in the end, the years make us understand the importance of this story.

It is often said that the true family is the one that one chooses, without the need for the same genetic code. It’s true, we all know it. However, many times the union that is established with a sister exceeds any relationship.

It is an emotional, biological and intimate connection, so exclusive that those lucky enough to have a sister know very well that it is a real treasure to attend to and value.

A sister, the bond that transcends the family itself

It is possible that you have spent some time without talking to your sister. Life sometimes puts us in strange crossroads where pride is heavy, or those discrepancies marked by a moment of little touch.

Now, despite the distance and the anger, the heart always remains hurt and it is very difficult for us to maintain for a long time that separation, that enmity. After all, it is our little sister, or our older sister, who always guided us and advised us in the most appropriate way.

A phone call, a laugh, a memory to evoke and instantly that connection arises again that can never be broken, despite the distance, despite the reproaches. Let’s see now how that relationship with our sisters is characterized.

The same aging but with very different characters

Sometimes, it is almost amazing how, despite having received the same education, having lived almost the same things, each sister ends up being very different from the other.

– There are reactionaries and rebels, they are the ones who taught us to defend our spaces, our rights, to have a voice and to know how to choose what is best for us.

-Other sisters, however, are that sea of calm and balance that always knew how to provide us with shelter and comfort. They are that support in days of difficulty where we feel heard and understood.

Just as children are never copies of their parents, between siblings they often have very different interests and very different reactions about the same things. That is also a help and a way to grow, since they can be complemented in many aspects.

When words are not needed

It is not usually necessary to tell a sister that we are wrong when we are face to face with her. The bond of emotionality, blood and experience makes you intuit almost instantly that something happens. That’s when that closeness and that concern that so comforts us unfolds.

Although we have friends, partners and that we have our parents, a sister shares with us a legacy of stories and situations that will make you understand very well how you can help us.

Distances do not matter, nor differences

It does not matter that there is an ocean in between, that maturity and our stories have forced us to separate to form our own couples. The concern and interest for that sister will always be present.

It is something natural and almost instinctive. Calls, messages … There will always be a way to count on that support, with that continuous interest in the other half of our heart that we long for so much.

Nobody tells us the truth with as much sincerity as our sister
Maybe it’s the years, or everything shared, but we know very well that our sister will always tell us the truth in a sincere way and almost without anesthesia.

A sister does not feel the obligation to be condescending, let alone to please us with false conventions. She knows that sincerity is part of that family bond, and it is, without doubt, what we always expect from her.

A sister will always be more than a friend because we have already gone through many vicissitudes with her. The experience of childhood, sometimes complicated, those failures of youth where we had their support and that maturity we have both reached are personal shared triumphs that leave their mark. Marks in the heart …

If in these same moments you are distanced from your sister by a small disagreement, keep your pride. Not worth it. Life is much simpler than we think, and support between siblings is an exceptional gift that we should enjoy every day.

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