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Important To Know: How To Recognize A Stroke And Help In Time

The biggest problem with a stroke is that the first stroke is usually light, and neither the sufferer nor anyone else can recognize it and often misunderstand the symptoms. But the second stroke, if followed, could be deadly.

Neurologists say that it can completely recover from a stroke if a specialized medical team takes care of the patient in the first 3 hours.

If by sending this text we save even one life, then we have done the right thing.

These are the four steps, according to neurologists, which show that it is possible to believe that there is a stroke.

1. Ask the sufferer to smile – he / she will not be able to.

2. Invite him/her to say a simple sentence (eg “Today is a nice sunny day”) – he / she will have difficulty pronouncing it.

3. Ask the sufferer to lift both hands. Either he / she will not be able to, or in part only, lift them.

4. Ask him / her to show his / her language. If the language is twisted, distorted, if goes to one side or another, this is a sign of stroke.

If the patient has difficulty meeting these requirements, call the Emergency and describe the symptoms of the doctor.

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