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What Is the Right Position to Sleep for Each of These Health Problems?

Our sleep plays an essential role in our overall health so it’s crucial that we all get a decent night sleep in order to function properly. With the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep a night, we spend about 25 years sleeping, which is a lot when you think about it. But it’s not just how much you sleep, it’s the quality of sleep that’s just as important and the right sleeping position as well.

Sleeping positions and how they affect our health

Different sleeping positions have a different effect on our health and some are beneficial for some condition while others aren’t. There are sleeping positions which can improve your sinus problems, your high blood pressure, your back pain and so on. That’s why you need to know what the right sleeping position is for you and exploit the benefits it offers.

Below you can find 9 of the most common health problems and the sleeping positions which may improve them:

Shoulder Pain

Women’s health magazine says that shoulder pain can be improved if you sleep on the non-painful side and bend your knees a bit. You can also benefit from placing a pillow between the knees and hugging one near the chest.

Back Pain

Back pain can be seriously aggravated by the wrong sleeping position. Moreover, it can be improved with the right one. Web MD suggests sleeping on your back with a pillow under your knees and a rolled towel right under your back curve if you have back pain.


Headaches can also be relieved or made more severe with a certain sleeping position. Experts suggest that some headaches may be caused by a twisted neck in your sleep. That’s why it may be best to surround your head with pillows and prevent twisting.

Sinus problems

If you suffer from sinusitis the right sleeping position can make a world of change. According to Harvard Medical School you should sleep with your head elevated on a couple of pillows so that the mucus can’t pool into your sinuses.


Even hypertension can be eliminated with the right sleeping position. It turns out that high blood pressure can be relieved if you sleep on your stomach, face down.

PMS discomfort and pain

If you have a painful PMS period, some sleeping positions may relieve the pain and discomfort. Women’s Health Magazine suggests placing a pillow under your knees to prevent your spine from arching.

Neck Pain

Neck pain can be resolved if you provide some neck support during the night. Place a small rolled towel under your neck to improve your condition. You can even tuck it under your pillow case to fixate it in place.

Digestion Problems

According to Skin Sheen, people suffering from digestive problems should sleep on their left side. Since the stomach is located in the left half of your body, sleeping on your left side can be beneficial as it allows gravity to improve your digestion.


Heartburn is a fairly common and uncomfortable condition which can cause many sleepless nights. Web MD claims that sleeping on your left side can be beneficial for heartburn.

There you have it, the best sleeping positions for some of the most common health problems. If you’re uncertain about some of them you’re free to consult with your doctor and resolve your concerns. Try them out and see how you feel, we guarantee that the results will be amazing.

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