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How to Clean Your Lungs After Smoking – Simply Remedy For The Purification And Improving Your Health

Smoking is a matter of concern, that is often raised and, unfortunately, almost always remains unsuccessful. It is very difficult to give up smoking because it develops both psychological and physiological dependence and condition of the body is getting worse every day.

Often, even months and years after you smoke the last cigarette, your health does not improve. This is due to the fact that the lungs are blocked by tar and toxic compounds during the smoking period, except that the harmful substances continue to accumulate due to passive smoking. Therefore, the lungs should be systematically cleaned.

The benefits of the elixir components

The root of ginger will help you remove excess mucus from your lungs. It also cleans the airways from toxins.

Onion has expectorant and anti-inflammatory action, which is especially useful for prolonged cough. In addition, it is used to prevent cancer.

Honey has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action, improves immunity. Furthermore, it sweetens the drink.

Curcuma is rich in vitamins and minerals that help the body recover faster. It also increases immunity and helps prevent cancer.

How to Clean Your Lungs After Smoking

What is necessary

400 g onion (14 oz)
1 small root of ginger
1 liter of water ( 33 fl oz.)
2 tsp of turmeric
400 g of honey

Steps for preparing

  • Add honey in the water, boil
    Cut onion and ginger, add to boiling water
    When the mixture again boils, add turmeric and reduce the heat
    Boil the mixture twice
    Strain and let cool

Store in a refrigerator and drink every day 2 tablespoons on an empty stomach and 2 tsp – 2 hours before lunch.

Make sure you often walk in fresh air and inhale deeply at this time.

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