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18 Health Issues That Castor Oil Helps Better Than Medicines

Castor oil is used for thousands of years and people are accustomed to its use, although in the last one hundred years its popularity has decreased significantly and many people have stopped using it. Let us try to revive its use because it is useful not only as a laxative, but it has so many different uses that it is good to know it.

  • Take 5 drops of castor oil in the morning to relieve the symptoms of allergy.
  • If you treat wounds, minor cuts and bruises with castor oil, they will heal much faster.
  • Pregnant women should massage their abdomen with castor oil to prevent stretch marks.
  • A drop of castor oil in the ear is enough to prevent hearing loss.
  • A few drops of oil in the eye treat cataracts.

Do this at bedtime.

  • Mix castor oil and soda to bleach brown spots on the skin.
  • Gently rub the castor oil on the eyelids to relieve eye allergies, it is advisable to do this at bedtime.
  • Massage the lower back with castor oil once a week.
  • Use a castor oil compress on your neck every day to get rid of the vocal cords. The same treatment helps alleviate chronic hoarseness. For optimal results, use castor oil for 3 months.
  • Apply a castor oil compress to the stomach to cure hyperactivity.
  • Warts disappear after treatment with castor oil within one month.
  • Massage your legs with castor oil to reduce calcium deposits.
  • Mix castor oil and soda into a thick paste. Apply on any affected area of the skin to treat skin cancer.
  • Apply castor oil to the abdomen to stop snoring. The treatment lasts for a week or two.
  • Apply castor oil for bee stings to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Increase hair growth with castor oil. Massage your scalp every day for 20 minutes. You can do this before washing your hair.
  • Treat the nail fungus by covering the affected area with castor oil. Regular use gives optimal results.
  • Castor oil has a great effect on blood circulation, so it is usually used for compresses.

The use of castor oil in such procedures gives surprising results and does not require much effort. Buy cold-pressed castor oil. Fill a bottle of hot water and take a towel. First, you can clean the skin with a salt solution before applying the compress.

Then heat the oil and apply it on a piece of gauze. Put on the affected area. Wrap the area with foil and attach the bottle that you have already filled with hot water. Cover with a cloth and leave the compress for 1 hour. Use the castor oil compress for 40 days. Do not forget that the compress must always be warm. Make a new compress if the oil changes its smell or color.

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