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Mosquitoes Hate These Plants. Grow Them In Your Home

Mosquitoes are hard to defend from, and instead of covering the body with chemicals that harm us, surround yourself with plants and herbs whose smell does not harm us.

Scientists have already proven that mosquitoes choose their victims according to their body odor, and they are most fond of pregnant women and people with slightly higher body temperature. In addition, they also attract the smell of sweat, and some people simply have no luck with mosquitoes because they have a smell that draws them more intensely.

But some strong scent is extremely unpleasant for mosquitoes, not only masking our body odor. But also dulling insects pushing further. Some of the plants whose smell is considered very pleasant. Mosquitoes are a real natural repellent and keep them at a safe distance.

However, it is not enough to just plant plants in the garden or put them on a window board. The aroma must be in the air around you, but it is best if it is on the skin. To achieve maximum effectiveness, crush the leaves of these plants with your hands to release the flavor and infuse them directly onto the skin.

Mosquitoes Hate These Plants

Lemon balm

This mitt house member has white flowers and a delicate lemon fragrance, and its health benefits are also known. Its odor refuses mosquitoes and insects, but take care that it is very invasive species and it likes to spread. So it’s best to plant it in a pot.


This is a plant of a close cousin of peppermint, and contains a chemical called nepethalactone. Which not only attracts cats, but also causes mosquitoes to fly away.

Lemon grass

Its distinctive refreshing lemon fragrance efficiently repels mosquitoes and flies. And without any problems you can grow it in a pot of flowers. It looks like bushes, and its green leaves will also serve as refreshing ice-tea when the summer heat falls. The lower part of the stump is used as a spice in dishes.


The 2009 study showed that the essential oil of this favorite spice in the Mediterranean diet is toxic to larvae of mosquitoes.


We know that the smell of lavender relaxes and calms, and that it is not favored by moths, but the smell of lavender does not like mosquitoes and flies. But the lavender smell like repellent is the most effective if it is rubbed on the skin.

Wild mint

In the concentrated form of mint, it is sometimes used as a repellent for insects. And etheric mint oil has been shown to kill larvae of certain mosquito species and forcing adult individuals. Plant it in the garden or on the balcony. And in its refreshing scent enjoy using it as a spice or tea.

Sage and rosemary

If you intend to stay longer in the garden during the hot evenings, burn a couple of branches of rosemary and sage. Because the smell of these plants when burning is not only pleasant, but also insects that keep away from you.


This frequent garden decoration has a characteristic and not too pleasant smell that luckily is not pleasant to mosquitoes. The Tagetes contain Pyrethrum which is an integral part of numerous chemical repellents.

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