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A drug that kills cancer in just 48 hours!

The drug that destroys the biggest killer cancer as a major ingredient has coconut oil – lauric acid is responsible for destroying 93 percent of the cancer cells of the colon in just 48 hours of treatment, according to the latest scientific research.

Lauric acid, according Health Living, destroys cancer cells while releasing poison of oxidative stress (excess of oxygen radicals) and reducing the level of glutathione, which is required by the cancer cells to protect against excessive oxygen radicals.

Although the potential of coconut oil in the fight against cancer is a recently discovered, however its curative potential has long been known, especially in the fight against viruses, bacteria, fungal infections and parasites,but also to improve the performance of the digestive system, liver, nourishing the skin and for wound healing.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has recently been used to treat patients with heart disease, Alzheimer against diabetes.

Study does not mention that coconut oil is a drug that will completely destroy the cancer, but states that in nature there are fruits that can help in the fight against the biggest killer of modern times.

Source : Healthy Living

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