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Accelerate wound healing

Accelerate wound healing

The moment you get hurt, it is important that the wound immediately disinfected. You need to wash the wound and put a bandage. Do not touch. When you wash the wound, do not use too strong disinfectants.

Importantly wounds and scratches to be hydrated. Some time you can take vitamin E to speed up the healing process.

After appropriate treatment and cleaning of the wound or a scratch, the wound closed apply a layer of aloe vera gel, twice a day. Other plants that can help you with your wounds are echinacea, chamomile and St. John’s wort, and you can use herbal teas and oils.

Ledum or labrador tea can be found in herbal pharmacies. Great for disinfecting wounds, helps the body in a natural way to fend off infection and ease pain. It also reduces the appearance of swelling, discoloration of the skin and bruising.

The flowers, like lavender and calendula are also very effective, especially in the form of a balm or oil, but can be used and herbal teas. Act as antiseptics. Lavender oil works even better than cream for wound healing.

Accelerates recovery, and also smells great.
Arnica is another flower used. It is particularly effective with bruises and sprains. Apply compresses the injured part of the body of arnica tea.

Garlic oil will also help to reduce inflammation and infection. Should be put in a small amount.

To prevent infection, many put a bandage on the wound. It is important that it be changed often, and regularly exposed skin of fresh air to be able to form new skin.

Adults with scratches should avoid smoking and alcohol, because it slows down the healing process.

If symptoms are more pronounced, it may be a result of inflammation of the large wound or scratch. Such wounds should be examined by a doctor.

Symptoms that require medical attention include: swelling of the skin, ulceration, bleeding from wounds that never stops and muscle weakness in the area around the wound.

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