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Apricot seeds for healthy life and for reduced cancer

Apricot seeds with vitamin B17 decreases the cancer

With increasing dose of vitamin B17 in the body, decreases cancer and chances for full recovery are enormous ….

Vitamin B17 is first used as a medicine against cancer in early 1950 by Ernst T. Krebs. Theory for the treatment of cancer with the help of using vitamin B17 is based on the fact that according to Krebs, cancer is a disease caused by deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals in the body.

The fact is that modern man from Western civilization is more exposed to cancer than primitive cultures. Hunza tribe is the oldest tribe in northern Pakistan, whose members live over 100 years and do not know anything about cancer.

apricot seedsThe secret of these people lies in vitamin B17. Tribe people consume 250 – 3000 milligrams of vitamin B17 per day. Hunza tribe Wealth is measured by the amount of apricot trees. He who has more of this tree stumps, considered the richest, because dried apricot seeds are special food containing vitamin B17.

Defenders of the cancer industry are the biggest opponents of this natural drug against the disease. Ernst T. Krebs (1912-1996) is one of the minority of physicians who use vitamin B17 in the treatment of their patients. He has implemented and thorough research on the impact of vitamin on patients suffering from cancer and has collected enough evidence for its promotion as a cure for cancer.

Dr. Krebs has been revealed as a traitor by the prestigious medical experts who have declared laetrile fraud on the dirt and sophisticated in the history of medicine. Vitamin B17 is found in apricot seeds, but also millet. In addition, rich in laetrile are also and red berries.

Dr. Krebs, until his death in 1996 argued that by increasing the dose of vitamin B17 disease of cancer will be reduced by 100%.

Now you know the secret, consume more apricot seeds because they contain the highest concentration of vitamin B17 and chances for full recovery are enormous ….

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