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How To Recognize the Plastics That Are Hazardous To Your Health!

Are you checking bottles or plastic cups you drink to see the number engraved? Are you aware of the toxins that plastic cups and bottles release? Do you drink water from the same plastic bottle? If so, do you know how many times it can be reused? Please consider these issues seriously as some types of plastics that are used for storage are highly toxic To avoid uncertainty, see the following short warning. …

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Fake Rice is Everywhere!! Find Out How To Recognize Real From Fake Rice

China has bewildered the world with plastic substitutes for food before … Now there’s plastic rice, believe it or not! Plastic eggs is old news, now it’s plastic rice. It has been circulating the Asian market lately, also India, Indonesia and Singapore. The latest on plastic rice has been seen on the media on Facebook and WhatsApp. Unfortunately it is reported that this fake rice is found in well known brands too. People …

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10 Cleaning tricks which every woman needs to know!

Don’t we all just want to clean our houses faster?  Take a look at these amazing , (mostly natural) ways to clean stains or any mess. Cleaning sponge The cleaning sponge is said to be an equal to a toilet seat. It is the most desired place to grow and spread for the bacteria of any kind. When you feel it’s getting slightly heavier, know for sure it’s full! Just put it in …

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Drink this mixed of beverage before bedtime, which will brutally melts the belly and will purify the body.

The process of detoxification is vital for your body. It removes excess waste and toxins in the body, allowing a proper absorption of nutrients. Also, cleans the body of toxic  and cancerous compounds, which may lead to serious health problems. This is a natural beverage that has the ability to cleanse your system, speeds up your metabolism and improves your immune system, nourish your body and help you to reduce weight. Excess abdominal …

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When you see what these women do, I’m certain that you will hurry to do the same!

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According to many studies, bananas are particularly effective for treating many health problems and not only through the fetus. Instead of drugs in those few cases you can freely use the bark of banana: 1. Teeth whitening You need the inside of the peel  , which you should rub the  teeth with. Repeat the procedure at least once a day for several weeks in a row and you will notice that your teeth will be …

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