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Finally! Scientist Explains Exactly How THC Completely Kills Cancer Cells

The truth about cannabis plant cancer healing powers In the following video you will be  amazed from the presentation of Dr. Sanchez from the Compultense University in Madrid, Spain. Namely, the THC ( key psychoactive ingredient of the cannabis plant) totally destroys cancer cells. The cannabis plant is mainly made of Cannabinoids which consist of cannabinols . The body has canabinoid receptors which are activated from cannabinols.  Further on, the body makes endocannabinoids …

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Remove the smell of sweat easily and efficiently with the help of Baking Soda

Without sweating, our body is unable to achieve normal body temperature during hot summer days, and with his help perform normal thermoregulation of the body. It is therefore necessary to reconcile with our body, but however, to maintain good hygiene habits to avoid unwanted stench of sweat. We offer a recipe that will help you in this regard. After you do morning toilet, wash with soap your underarms, then dry them and with …

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These are the first symptoms of the cancer! If you have any of these immediately seek medical advice

What are the first symptoms of the disease cancer? Essential for timely diagnosis and treatment of cancer disease are exactly those things that suggest the cancer cells attack. Sudden weight loss, changing of the skin color, unusually feelings of high temperatures – all of these symptoms may indicate that perhaps you may have cancer. Over time they may appear also other symptoms, but until then it is necessary to visit a doctor while …

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If you use in this way tampons, making a big mistake!

With the arrival of warmer days, many girls and women decide to use tampons during the menstrual cycle. They allow us to wear light clothing, and also to bathe in the sea, instead of sitting in the shade shorts. But in the use of tampons many women make some mistakes that can also endanger their health. Learn which they are and avoid them: 1. Wash your hands before and after inserting the tampon. 2. Do …

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Careful with TYLENOL! It kills You; New Warning Admits Popular Painkiller Causes Liver  Death

FDA  – The US Food and Drug Administration finally warns against acetaminophen , which is the main ingredient of this very much used popular pain killer in the USA called Tylenol. It is toxic! Even healthy people with no preexisting conditions got liver damage after using it in proper dosage. It is so toxic that kills liver cells even if you take one Tylenol. A study published in the Journal of the American …

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