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Many of us don’t care of the food we consume in our bodies is not treated with pesticides. The food that we consume we take often for granted and so we have a lot of different problems organism. A Swedish family was subjected to an experiment. They say buy non organic groceries because they cheaper. After that they have tested the urine. The level of chemicals found in their urine was high. For …

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Yogurt and cinnamon for those who have excess weight and want to eliminate fat belly and thighs

Cinnamon is recommended for people who have problems with excess weight. It regulates the amount of sugar in the blood and thus reduces the urge for carbohydrates, which is very important for the diets. Also raise immunity, relieves pain caused by arthritis, prevent the spread of cancer cells enhances the activity of the brain. In combination with the yogurt you have drink that you can start the day,but also and to finish the day, …

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The miracle recipe from honey, walnuts, cinnamon and pectin for weight loss and treatment of cancer

In this article you can find two recipes for weight losing and for the treatment of cancer, from the famous Prof. Mermerski from Bulgaria Who Is Prof.Mermerski Prof. Mermerski was born in 1934 in Vratsa,Bulgaria. He graduated the Agricultural Academy in 1962. His first PhD defended in Moscow. He has specialized in the University of Illinois, USA, in 1980. He was Deputy Minister of Agriculture and advisor on biological sciences, technology and agriculture …

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Simple homemade recipe for immediate removal of stretch marks. Get rid of ugly traits forever

Rarely are regrettably lucky, who not have stretch marks. Those ugly lines of the body often appear at puberty due to rapid growth, but very often unintended consequence of the large variation in weight, especially during pregnancies. Well, if you have stretch marks, then we recommend that you try this effective homemade method. Necessary ingredients: 1 tablespoon sugar 1 tablespoon of castor oil or olive oil ½ lemon, squeezed 1 capsule of vitamin …

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Lose Weight More Of 22 Pounds In Just 12 Days!!

You can reduce more of 10 kilograms ( 22 pounds) in just 12 days, which is very much based on health standards for weight loss. However, some nutritionists argue that a good diet treatment once or twice a year is a very important and useful for your health. Guidelines for 12 daily diet: Do not eat 3-4 hours before bedtime. Use olive oil, flax or sesame oil. After these 12 days should not …

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