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Propolis destroys Candida albicans in just eight seconds

In the laboratory proved that the purified Propolis destroys Candida albicans in just eight seconds. To combat fungal infections is recommended taking vitamin C, at least three times a day per 1 gr. always in combination with lyophilised royal jelly. Recommended daily use of garlic, of vitamin B group and essential fatty acids from unheated flaxseed oil . Helps and regular drinking freshly squeezed vegetable juices before each meal. From diet except sugars …

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Here from this mask, the hair grows rapidly and gets shine

There are ingredients that are a real blessing for your hair, even if you think that is no chance One of these components is the banana, which contains many vitamins and natural oils, so that in combination with several other ingredients can strengthen hair, give shine and make it softer. Moreover, helps in flowering ends. Home mask shall prepare, in a container blend a banana and mix with egg yolk. Add a little …

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Here’s what happened after she drank water with lemon and honey on an empty stomach for one year

Crystal Davis five years ago, she was a young woman who could hardly walk from the pain, and as a project manager in a large telecommunications company she worked 12 hours a day. In order to endure all the pain, became addicted to painkillers. Every morning of the year she drank a potion that is itself made on an empty stomach: the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey spilled …

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Want or not, If you begin to drink this drink will lose weight beyond recognition!

Start the day healthy. Drink this drink that contains dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. It will reduce the loftiness and will give a flat belly. If you practice a healthy diet in combination with this drink, the results will be inevitable and permanent. Necessary ingredients: – 100 ml of yoghurt with a lower fat content – 100 g of fresh blueberries – 200 g fresh cabbage leaves – 50 g frozen pineapple Wash …

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