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Advices for spring detoxification: Clean your body seamlessly

If you sense the consequences of winter food difficulty in navigate and you are sleepy, then it is time for change. Slowly but surely approaching the spring, so it’s time to detoxify the body: 1. Detoxification should not be complicated, but enough to start the day with a cup of hot water with lemon. This combination going to stir your body, which will quickly discard toxins and facilitate gastric emptying. 2. Medicinal charcoal must …

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Why your eye “play” sometimes and which health problems do you have? How to deal with this uncomfortable feeling?

All of us least once we encountered some kind of reduction of the eye, which is often described as a “playing” of the eye or of the area around it. Usually it affects the upper or lower eyelid, and its duration may vary, so sometimes last for days, even weeks. “Play” of the eye is a very common situation and we are often a burden because it is unpleasant feeling. In most cases, …

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Lose weight by drinking coffee: It is enough to know this trick

Macchiato, latte, cappuccino, homemade coffee – with so many types of coffee makes you that you can not think of a new kind. But “butter-coffee” is becoming more popular. Double espresso with a thick foam, a spoon of butter and a spoon of coconut oil sounds strange, but it has already spread from America and arrived in the UK. Recent studies have revealed that the fat is better for us than sugar, especially …

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Experiment for which talking around the world – Be careful where you leave your phone while you sleep!

Five girls from the ninth grade of a school in Denmark , brought out a very interesting experiment, which attracted great attention in the world and the photos they show on the Internet which sparked a storm of reactions in many researchers, biologists and experts on radiation in England, Netherlands and Sweden. The experiment consists in the fact that they observed as developing seed of same herbs in two rooms. The seeds were …

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McDonald recalled back 1 million chicken nuggets. The Reason Why Will Sicken You

So McDonald’s is a big hit today with a giant withdrawal of more than 1 million chicken nuggets ,after the customers find on them something that is definitely not white meat chicken. The secret ingredient was a plastic products. According to the Wall Street Journal: Operator McDonald’s chain in Japan continues to experience the drama with its menu offerings. Imagine a piece of vinyl was found in chicken nugget, sold to customers over …

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