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WI-Fi: A Silent Killer That Kills Us Slowly

Silent Killer, Today it’s hard to imagine life without a Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to the Internet, our wireless devices, tablets, telephones … are slowly killing us while we are sleeping! Laptops and phones use and send signals that are very harmful to our health. They cause: – Permanent and severe headaches – Chronic fatigue – Earache – Unfocussed Try not to sleep in a room where there are many techniques. Here are some …

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If You Have One of These 12 Plants In Your House, You Have a Big Treasure and You Did Not Know It

In our planet we are surrounded by animals and nature. In fact, thanks to the fact that we all live together, we can find the right balance to make life possible. If there are no plants and animals in the world, human beings would also not be able to live. On the other hand, many people have used plants for many things for years. Its uses range from decorating our homes to the …

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Ideal Table: How Much Should I Weigh for my Height?

We all know that by the weight of the person there are no norms that we strictly adhere to. Each has an individual bone structure and density. For some given pounds, there may be few, and others may look more. Yet there are some limits to which we must strive if we want to look good and maintain good health Look at this table, where you can find out how much you need …

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In One Cup, I Mixed The Salt With Sugar. You’ll Be Surprised When You Find Out Why ( end of Headaches, Insomnia…)

Sleep is one of the bliss that everyone has. But, unfortunately, we are all familiar with the situation: throwing all night glances at the ceiling, considering the past and the future, until the rays of the sun rise out of the window. Why does this unpleasant state occur and how to prevent it? Read because we will talk about how to deal with this problem with just simple products! The most common causes …

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One Tablespoon In Fasting For 10 Minutes … Rinse Your Mouth On An Empty Stomach With Oil – an ancient Ayurvedic practice!

Rinse your mouth on an empty stomach with oil – an ancient Ayurvedic practice. If we all do this procedure every day since childhood, dentists will have their hands up … The secret of the vegetable oil is that it removes the bacteria from the oral cavity and prevents them from re-sticking on the teeth and oral mucosa. I will tell you how to properly make a gargle that will eliminate the common …

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