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The Secret to Back Pain is In Your Feet! The 10 Exercises That Fix Everything!

Back pain is one of the most common aches in the world. It affects millions of people and is usually brought on by injuries, sitting or standing for long periods or improper posture. The pain can be mild or severe – the higher the pain, the more likely it will interfere with your daily activities. Our balance is mainly influenced by our feet. As we all know, the feet play the most important …

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6 Tips For Choosing The Best Apple Cider Vinegar – Beware Of Fake!

Apple cider vinegar has been around for centuries, and with all the things it can do it has been viewed as a kind of miracle tonic. This product has been attributed to providing many health benefits that include curing certain skin ailments, high cholesterol, diabetes, digestive and heart problems, and trouble with your immune system. But this is not the case with all vinegar. You will find organic, raw, and unfiltered vinegar as …

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Warning! Common Household Items That Could Kill Your Pet. Here’s How To Protect Them.

Watching over a typical toddler — who will pick up and eat anything in front of him — can be a daunting task. Now imagine that same toddler with four legs, boundless energy and the ability to jump. That’s what it’s like to have a dog or cat in the house. The average home can be a dangerous place for such curious critters. The best way for a pet parent to help ensure the …

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Single or Married, This Story Will Get You Thinking

It does not matter if you are single or married, you should read the following story. It is a story about marriage. And, it will get you thinking about life and things that matter as well as those that do not. One night, at dinner, I took my wife’s hand and told her that we needed to talk. I saw the pain in her eyes. All of a sudden, I had no idea …

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46 Medications that Cause Memory Loss, Stop Using Them

These 46 common medications are linked to memory loss! Stop using them immediately or follow these steps if you need to use them: The human brain is arguably the most complicated and least understood organ in the human body. It controls everything we do, think, and feel. The size of our human brains is why we have evolved far past any other animal on the planet. We are one of the only mammals on the …

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These 6 Drugs Can Make Your Health Worse within a Few Days of Taking Them!

A recent report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that almost half of the American population are taking pharmaceutical medication for their health problems. That’s not all, the number of Americans that take pharmaceutical drugs has elevated 10 ten percent since the 1990s. This is because drug advertising actually bombarded the U.S. television sets. In the past, it wasn’t legal in the United States for pharmaceutical companies to broadcast …

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