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Basil for sexual desire – pine nuts for durability

Capsaicin in Hot peppers increases the circulation. At the same time is credited to release endorphins in the brain responsible for the feeling of happiness and sexual desire

Sexual desire depends on many factors, such as stress, anxiety, but depends and on the food. Amorous senses of smell, taste, touch and sight can be stimulated precisely by certain foods.
To encourage your sexual passions again, concentrate on magic items that improve blood circulation.

This herb intense aroma and distinctive flavor to break the monotony of your meal, and the sexual life. Fresh and finely chopped basil can add in any combination. It will not only improve the taste of food, but also will increase sexual desire. Basil speeds up the beat of the heart and improves circulation.


The consumption of cinnamon increases body temperature, and sexual urge. Normalize blood sugar levels. It is best to consume it with warm milk.

Pine nuts
Different nuts are rich in zinc, which is a key factor for increasing testosterone. Helps sexual endurance.

Trademark of Indian cuisine, which accelerates blood circulation and season foods with aphrodisiac properties. Combine in the tea and enjoy what will you expected.

Contains allicin and increases blood circulation. The results will be seen in sexual stamina and sexual energy. If you want to avoid bad breath, eat it in the dust.


This aromatic vegetables serve as a basis to flavor soup and boiled dishes. It contains androsterone and adrostenol substances that serve as sexual magnets.

Nuts ancient fruits are a symbol of fertility. Sweet smell can also serve as a sexual product.

Capsaicin in Hot peppers increases the circulation. At the same time is credited to release endorphins in the brain responsible for the feeling of happiness and sexual desire. Many cultures throughout history have used as an aphrodisiac.

Rich in vitamins B, honey increases the production of testosterone in men and it is tantamount to sexual desire. It contains many vitamins, minerals and plant substances with antibacterial activity.

Rich in vitamins, which are excellent in producing hormones that go crazy when it comes to sexual urge.


Like chili, ginger increases the circulation and raises body temperature. The legend says that it was known by the French courtesan Madame du Barry, who used it as a secret weapon to increase her sexual power.

Coconut milk
The liquid coconut contains the same level of electrolytes and blood. Speeds up metabolism, increases blood flow, and thus serves as an aphrodisiac. Besides minerals, and contain vitamin C.

Considered the natural Viagra. It opens blood vessels and speeds up circulation, which increases the excitement.

Black chocolate has always been considered an aphrodisiac. It contains phenylethylamine, a hormone that stimulates the body to slip in a sexual act. And activates the production of dopamine in the brain, and it should not be consumed in large quantities.

Vegetables with aphrodisiac properties because it improves urogenital system leading to increased sexual desire.

Truffles are among the most assured and most expensive delicacies in the world. These representatives of the family of mushrooms are incredibly expensive because they are rare. It is believed that the smell acts as a magnet for the opposite sex.

This sweet-sharp spice is a real aphrodisiac discovered by the Hindus, who believed that its consumption to stimulate sexual appetite.

Sweet spice is a stimulant that noble act of sexual feelings. It is particularly attractive for people who love sweet scents.


Many cultures appreciate the fruits of the sea for their aphrodisiac properties. Rich with B1 and B2, which helps in the production of hormones that arouse sexual passion.

In moderate amounts of red wine increases the circulation and relaxes. However, drink only one glass of wine because if you overdo it, you can get backfired.

Gives strict flavored dishes that raises body temperature and hence Aphrodisiacs power.

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