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The best natural remedies for headaches

The best natural remedies for headaches

Instead of drinking pills for headache, try a natural remedy that fights against it. We reveal a very effective natural medicines against the most common types of headaches.


This is the most common type of headache. During it, we feel as if our discipline is the pressure head. It is caused by contraction of the muscles covering the skull and the pain of moving from one to the other ear, across the front of the head. Most often occurs due to stress and lack of sleep.


1) The oil of peppermint

Rub Nan oil along the edge of the hairline. What will that create a sense of cool and you relax the muscles in the head and neck. Look for this oil in pharmacies.


2) Ginger tea

Buy fresh ginger and mash 2-3 inch root, and then insert it into the boiling water. This tea relieves inflammation at the same speed as aspirin.
“Clusters” HEADACHE

In this headache pain is described as a stitch in the head, because the pain is concentrated on a single point. The pain is usually accompanied by runny nose and fever, and is often referred to as histamine headache. These headaches are the most common in the winter due to frequent temperature changes.

SOLUTION: capsaicin cream

The active ingredient in this cream is red pepper. Apply a small amount of cream in the nostril that is on the side of the head, which is a pain. The cream works by blocking nerve signals for pain. This effective remedy can be purchased at pharmacies.


In migraine, pain in the head occurs most often on one side. Migraine is hereditary and is three times more common in women than in men. Experts believe that migraine causes nerve signals that the brain misunderstood as signals for pain.


1) Feverfew

The clinic trials, has been shown to supplement chrysanthemum effectively treated headaches. Reduces inflammation that put pressure on the nerves and helps in preventing migraine.

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2) Acupressure massage

This ancient Chinese method of treatment involves applying pressure to specific points of the body to alleviate pain. Massage gently with one hand landscape between the thumb and forefinger of the other hand three to five minutes, then do so on the other side.

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