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Beverly Hills diet

It’s another kind of diet which is a key factor right combination of imported food. Often compared with the popular UN diet because some foods may not be combined, but instead of protein, carbohydrates and starch, in Beverly Hills diet, foods are divided into categories of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fruits.

There are also similarities with the rules described in the book Fit For Life by Harvey Diamond, who is considered a pioneer of combining food diet regimes, because he was the first to warn of the importance of this approach to foods. The original version of this was beginning with a rigorous diet regime in the first 42 hours, but the new version is much milder and a balanced food that can easily be applied in everyday life of any person.

The perfect food, according to this diet is separately eating all foods mentioned without combinations. The day should start eating large amounts of fruits but only one species, no various. After this meal, it is desirable to make a break of an hour, and then you can eat some other fruit or any other food.


Carbohydrates should never be mixed with protein and protein meal must be very rich. Fats can be eaten with protein, fruit juices and fruit wine, other alcoholic beverages with carbohydrates ,and champagne is a neutral factor.

After the meal produced from carbohydrates should make a break of three hours, and the ideal choice for dinner is protein products because their digestion does not last long. Experts claim that this diet works exclusively due to less intake of calories in the body.

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