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Each of us, have it at home: This food protects against cancer of the stomach!

It is always on the table – fresh in summer in winter in acidified form. If you thought the cabbage, then you were wrong Who does not like when at the table has leaves stuffed or sour cabbage with pork or chicken? Addition to being tasty, the sauerkraut is very healthy and contains phytonutrients, sulfur compounds that protect the body from cancer of the stomach Therefore, doctors often recommend it to people who …

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Are you upset often? Here is the Japanese way to calm nerves

Are you constantly nervous? Here is a Japanese technique that will balance your emotions and that will calm your whole body very quickly and efficiently. All you need to do is to keep your finger pressed for a whole minute, as in Figure. Repeat on the other hand as well. Each finger is responsible for a variety of emotions. Thumb is responsible for nausea The index finger represents fear The middle finger is …

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The old folk remedy against cough

The combination of honey and onion from ancient times is known as an effective natural remedy against cough. The advantage of these natural medicinal ingredients is what you can get at any time of the year, and very likely that you are going to always have on hand in your kitchen. Also, when preparing this remedy with these ingredients, you know what you have used from ingredients as opposed to the purchase of …

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Green Cleaner for the Liver

The green cleaner It is necessary: – 125 g (4.4 oz.) fresh cabbage – 1 lemon – 25 g (0.88 oz.) of celery – A small piece of ginger 2 cm – 500 ml (2 cup) of water – 4-5 mint leaves Preparing Just put everything together in a blender and leave for 1 minute. Then put into a glass and drink it. This juice is a source of many healthy ingredients and …

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Check the functioning of the thyroid gland with the help of a thermometer

Dr. Barnes 50 years ago revealed that the body temperature is a excellent indicator of the work of the thyroid gland, especially temperature which is measured in the morning immediately after waking up. How to start a test In the evening prepare a thermometer so you’ll have to shake off, that temperature in a thermometer must be below 95 Fahrenheit.(35 C) In the morning, after you wake up immediately put the thermometer under …

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