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Cure Stomach Ulcers in Just 7 Days

In December 1999 in a Russian newspaper are published articles “The Forgotten Hippocrates and treatment plants” from Russian herbalist G I Glubokog, where was written a prescription of a patented agents for the treatment of dysentery, diarrhea, cholera, appendicitis (without surgery), salmonellae. Preparation: The ratio of dry bark of pomegranate and boiling water is 1:20. In a preheated hot cup or glass put 10-12 grams of dried pomegranate rind and pour them with 200 …

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Juice of POTATO: Cure for most difficult DISEASES

Healing properties of potatoes are known from a hundred years ago. Especially healing from potato juice which helps to treat several diseases. Successfully treated: Gastritis – 1 tablespoon potato juice diluted with a little water ,should be taken half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner Gastric ulcer – 50 ml. potato juice on an empty stomach, and 50 ml. potato juice before lunch and dinner Blood sugar – daily consumption of potato …

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Traditional Amish remedy that cures many diseases, including cancer !

As Amish tradition affirms, this unique combination can help in the treatment of medical conditions such as asthma, cancer, arthritis, ulcers , colds, high blood pressure and infections. It is effective in reducing cholesterol, glucose levels, and strengthens the immune system. When you feel its powerful antiviral, antibacterial and anti-carcinogen properties, will soon become a favorite drink. This traditional Amish remedy is one of the most powerful combinations that help fight disease and …

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How to make the healthiest bread in the world?!

This bread helps in the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin, enhances the removal of carcinogenic and toxic substances from the body, and is usually recommended to prevent diabetes,arteriosclerosis and cellulite. This type of break contains minimal amount of yeast and salt because it’s also made from wheat grains without any additives, preservatives or similar substances. This bread – made without flour is very nutritious which also contains protein, vitamins, amino acids,fats, carbohydrates and minerals. …

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