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All Of Your Problems Will Disappear If You Pour Beer Over The Leaves Of This Fruit And Cook Them All Together!

You do not need more creams for shiny and smooth skin, you can now use this drink. Did you know that cherries are rich in vitamins A, C, E and folic acid, magnesium and iron? You can also consume them in unlimited quantities. In addition, if you make tea from stems and the leaves of cherries. you will get rid of the sand from the urinary tract. You will also get rid of …

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Russian Recipe For Dissolving Thrombus In The Blood: Medication For All Who Suffer From Varicose Veins!

It is recommended for all those who have problems with inflammation of superficial veins and who suffer from varicose veins. To get this remedy you need: – 250 g of garlic – lemon 15 In a blender grind the garlic. Add well washed lemons (with bark) and mix everything together. Stir well and pour into a glass jar. Do not close with lid, but cover with gauze. Take once a day a teaspoon …

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Here’s How To Find Out Which VITAMINS AND MINERALS You’re Missing – the Body Alert Immediately, You Only Need To Know This!

Are you getting all the important nutrients you need? If you often feel ailments such as cold limbs, fatigue, headaches, brittle nails, your body is probably not getting enough iron. Find Out If You Have Deficiency Of Some Vitamins And Other Important Elements? Vitamin A deficiency Some of the first signs that your body needs more vitamin A are: • dry eyes • dry and loose skin • acne • psoriasis • breathing …

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Make Compression Of Egg Whites And Soap And Stop The Pain Of Discopathy, Lumbago And Sciatica!

If you suffer from disc disease, sciatica or lumbago, apply the following non-traditional method of dealing with back pain. Three well-beaten egg whites mix with half a grated slightly alkaline soap (eg baby or home). The mixture is stirred until a slurry is obtained. The so obtained ointment is applied tightly on the gauze and immediately placed on the waist. You need to hurry, as the ointment hardens almost immediately. You need to …

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How To Make Alkaline Water At Home In Just A Few Simple Steps!

Alkaline water is only consumed during a strict diet, during and after illness, but not constantly, says Marion Nestle The effectiveness and good functioning of the body depends on the acid-base balance. A bad diet with a high content of acidic products leads to oxidation of the body and prevents the normal functioning of the internal organs. To maintain optimal pH level, it is recommended from time to time to add to your …

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