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To Check The Thyroid, You Only Need A Thermometer!

Few people know about this, but 50 years ago, scientist Otto Barnes discovered that the temperature of the body is an excellent indicator of the thyroid gland. There is only one warning: The body temperature should be measured immediately after waking, still in bed. Barnes notes that abnormal temperature at night – is the first sign of inflammation in the thyroid gland. But now everyone knows that if this organ of our body …

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Take A Small Clove Of Garlic And Melt It In The Mouth Like A Candy. The Effects Are Amazing!

Perhaps a million times we have already talked about the usefulness of garlic. The truth is that its properties are quite strong and could handle almost any kind of illness. This excellent food product has antibacterial properties, cure many diseases and is used for complete body recovery. The effect is really stunning. The Chinese use a small garlic clove by putting it in the mouth and melting it like a candy… This procedure …

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End Of Pain! With This Healing Cream I Forgot About The Hemorrhoids And The Unbearable Pain Of Discopathy

Take the yolk of a hard boiled egg, 200 ml of cold-pressed olive oil and 300 g of pure beeswax. The olive oil is heated in a water bath and then the beeswax is gradually added to it, stirring continuously until melted. Then add the crushed yolk. The mixture is again stirred and left to form a foam. Remove from heat and set aside until the bubbling stops. Then the pot returns again …

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How to Stop Headache With Banana Peel

To wake up with a headache, working with headaches, sleep with a headache….. Who has not experienced such a situation, which is one of the most annoying situations that may occur to you, especially now in the summer. And when the pain becomes even stronger the first thing you want is to have a painkiller in your bag. The first things that come to mind are medicines that despite neutralize pain, have a …

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Natural Remedies That Will Help You Get Rid Of Stomach Pain

Whether it’s a bad and irregular diet or something else, each of us occasionally suffers pain in the stomach, and the cure for this is very simple, so anyone can effortlessly make this remedy in five minutes. Everyone has at home these ingredients that are needed to make a simple home-made recipe for gastric problems. Recipe no. 1: Get half a liter of pumpkin juice, add two tablespoons of honey and a spoon …

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