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She drank hot water with black pepper one month, and after seeing the results, she decided to do so until the end of her life!

The drinking of warm water mixed with black pepper (2 cups of boiling water and 2 tablespoons black pepper), each morning on an empty stomach for a month can help you feel much healthier! Read why. Improves immunity A mixture of hot water and pepper powder can increase immunity and very significantly to feed the cells that keep you healthy. Prevents dehydration The drinking of hot water with black pepper every day may …

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Cancer, heart attack, obesity – three terrible diseases, and the reason is one! Do not give them the opportunity with these 25 foods:

Although we all know that we must say processed foods and semi-solid “no”, some of these delicacies are still our favorites. Fast food, GMO, sugar – are bad for our health, but are so delicious … What is the main problem of this food? It consists in that, that almost all of these foods are “acidic”. Food stabilizers and flavor enhancers remain in oura stomach, increasing its acidity. And we have been created …

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This Extraordinary Drink Regulates Fat In The Body – Here’s How To Prepare It.

Cholesterol is the best known of fat in the body and is present in every living cell. We distinguish between good HDL cholesterol from LDL bad cholesterol, which increased levels in the blood, causes a possible heart disease and blood vessels. Threatening fat, it is possible to oppose with the help of a smart selection of food. Grapefruit is an absolute winner when it comes to fighting the bad cholesterol, contains high levels of …

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What Causes Leg Cramps and How Can You Stop Them?

Leg cramps – also know as night cramps – are painful spasms that typically occur in the calf muscles, which comes suddenly and lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes, usually in the legs. They often occur immediately after you fall asleep or upon waking. What causes muscle cramps? To muscle spasms can cause various conditions or activities, such as: – Exercise, injury or overstressing the muscles – Pregnancy – cramps …

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The best method for home testing of the thyroid gland. Draw your hand with iodine and see the results in the morning

Iodine – is an important element for the body, whose surplus or deficit, have influence on the body weight The lack of iodine influences the mental health, functions of the brain and other body organs, that is responsible for the good state of the body Thyroid hormone is composed of 65% iodine. In iodine deficiency increased thyroid gland and appears goiter. Iodine insufficiency It is highly important for yourself to check the level …

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