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Do Not Ignore it! Refrigerator Magnets Could Be A Real Killer!

Fridge magnets and jewelry for decoration could be a real killer,if you have a weak heart, warning experts. The type of magnets, which recently are used in commercial products such as fridge magnets can cause interference to cardiac pacemakers and embedded devices for the heart, and the consequences can be fatal. Experts warn, that it is sufficient to be distant at 3 cm from the magnet, to destabilize devices, which are of vital …

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As people’s anxiety is rising it is very important to know what are you buying and what kind of food you feed your deer ones with. China has produced many unhealthy products lately and we all fear for what we are having on our tables. The UPC, or The Universal Product Code is your best way to know where your food comes from. See the first three numbers and if the UPC barcode …

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Against Ear Pain – Grandmother Approved! Warm Sea Salt in a Sock

This old method is grandmother approved and great with no side effects from dangerous antibiotics and chemicals. It is all natural and quite effective. I have tried it myself when no antibiotic would do the job. Whoever suffers from earache, knows how damn painful it can be. I personally had middle ear infection. It seems there was nothing that could help. Of course at some point antibiotics would do the job, but not …

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Natural Remedy – Stop Your Hair from Falling

Do not waste your time worrying over your hair. Instead read about this proven remedy and try it as soon as possible. It is all natural and very cheap. You can find it at any grocery shop. To not stall any further, its main ingredient is Horse radish. How to make and use the horseradish hair mask for hair grow  It is hard when we lose our hair. Men and women feel a …

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The Chinese Clock In The Body, Which Provides For Disease And Not Is Mistaken: Find Out Which Organ Of The Body Is In Danger!

Chinese biological clock is an ancient wisdom that shows the range in which energy circulates through our body. Every two hours on the day it is the most powerful in a particular part of the body, so as in this way we can recognize the problems. Then the functions of this part of the body are the best and if there is any problem, the symptoms in this period will be the greatest. …

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