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Clean the whole body of toxins. It takes you only 2 minutes, and acts for a lifetime

The recipe for detoxifying beverage, which we’ll talk has the ability to clean and remove all toxins from the body. It works effectively for accelerating the metabolism, balancing blood pressure, removal of fat and fight diabetes, which is perhaps the greatest superiority of the use of this drink. Prepare very easily. You can make it in just 2 minutes. You will need: A teaspoon cinnamon Two tablespoons lemon juice One tablespoon honey Two …

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Honey Bandage: Heals cough in children and adults for one night!

Honey possesses high biological activity and with the help of bandage, can be disposed harmful deposits, accompanied by strong attacks of coughing. Compression based on honey are a great tool that eliminates cough, literally overnight. Recommended for children but also and for adults. To prepare a honey compress you will need: Honey, Flour, Vegetable oil, Gauze, Napkin and Bandage. How to prepare: Mix the flour with a small amount of honey in order to …

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How to check your thyroid gland at home: You need only a glass of water and a mirror

Of the various thyroid disease sufferer thousands of people, mostly women. But are not all aware of the fact that in general they have problems with the thyroid gland The thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped gland, located at the beginning of throat. Hormones produced by this gland, affecting the work of all systems of the body. In excess of thyroid hormone, a man becomes hyperactive, lack of – feels drowsiness and weakness. Reduction of …

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You have a cold? Then tonight, do the following trick with wet socks, and you will be healed!

With cold weather coming cold and flu, but instead immediately run to the doctor and to drink medicines, there are simple ways themselves to fight with disease. Most doctors will tell you that you should rest and drink a lot fluids, but there is a trick that you can do themselves at home and thus to fight with colds and to heal quickly. Did you know that sleep with wet socks can help …

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She Put Her Hands in Apple Cider Vinegar Twice a Week, You Will Not Believe What Effect is Achieved!

Only those who really suffer from joint pain, know how it is like to live with the struggle. It influences your life in many ways, in you every day chores, your job, it even makes you depressed. As the weather changes they swell and hurt. Having pain killers is a waste for the liver and the kidneys. It is not a good solution. The proper diet with anti-inflammatory food and low in fat …

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