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It is clear that acupuncture does miracles and it is the best natural approach to healing pain, but you see not always do you have to go to an expensive acupuncture specialist. Would you consider ear clamping an option? Well, it so happens that a lady did, and spontaneously her back pain stopped! This experience was shared by her and now you have it. Try and see for yourself! It is so fast …

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If you are being attacked by “flying” virus. See the symptoms and how to treat!

In many country in Europe is an epidemic, every moment expected the health ministry to declare it officially in some country. Flu has not yet come on our land, but so called. by doctors “flying” virus knocks thousands of patients per day. Most sufferers are in Eastern Europe. The virus is extremely contagious and if the room or office has at least one sneezing and coughing is almost certain that everyone around him …

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Do this thing once and forget about any diseases all winter! It is worth to try

On the condition of your immunity depends the work of all organs and systems When a person becomes ill, after being undernourished, constantly is subject to stress or living in adverse conditions, the protective function of the body decreases. To restore the power of the body takes a long time. Therefore, if you want to boost the immune system as soon as possible, try this simple and easy way! Maybe it is not …

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Flu and colds will avoid quickly from this cheap and simple means

Steam inhalation is a tested method that will help you to clean the lungs and sinuses of accumulated secretions. Also, thanks to the anti-viral properties of garlic, this simple domestic procedure will act as a powerful cure flu. Wash well and slice 5-6 medium potatoes. Put them to boil in water and then add to them a few cloves of garlic. Cover your head with a towel and for 5-10 minutes with nose …

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My father died from a stroke. A pity I did not know about this first aid before…….

Misinformative email flier claims pricking a stroke victim’s fingers and ear lobes with a pin or needle until they bleed will relieve symptoms of paralysis, restore consciousness, and allow the patient to be safely moved. Email example: With needle can save a patient’s life by a stroke. This advice is from a Chinese professor. Keep in your house needle or needle from the syringe. This is an incredible and innovative way for the …

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