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Nutella Banana Ring Flies With Double Chocolate On The Plate. This Dessert Will Amaze You! (Video)

This dessert will amaze you with its easy ingredients and quick cooking! Guests or relatives who will surprise will treat you as a culinary art guru, and you will only need 5 simple ingredients. Preparing the dessert will not take more than an hour, which is very important in our dynamic world today. Just look how easy it is to prepare! Banana dessert in the oven Necessary products: * 2 bananas * 1 …

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Dough Ready In 10 Minutes: For Soft Muffins, Cakes That Will Smell All Over The House

Baking that have equally wonderful taste and smell are food or appetizer, which no one can resist. That is why we suggest you try this simple recipe for delicious cakes, even when you are in a hurry and you will not have much time. Necessary ingredients: 4 cups of flour 2 tablespoons of sugar ½ tablespoon of salt 2 tablespoons of oil 500ml of milk 11g of dry yeast Preparation: You only need …

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How to Make Banana Flower Curry

The Benefits of Banana Flower * Ulcer healing * Cure anemia * Strengthens the uterus * Regulates the menstrual cycle * Improves kidney function * Lowers hypertension * Good for lactating and diabetic women How to Make Banana Flower Curry 1. Boil the banana flower pieces for 10 minutes. Strain the water. 2. Heat 2 tsp coconut oil in a pan, then add mustard seeds, cut red chillies and sliced onion. 3. Add …

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Lunch In 5 Minutes! Try the Recipe That Has Left 35 Million People Breathless (Video)

If you have no idea what to do for today’s lunch, maybe this recipe will inspire you. This video recipe has been reviewed 35 million times. You will know why. Wash the potatoes well and boil them unpeeled. Then peel them and add butter, eggs, salt and a little pepper to taste. Smash well and make puree. To make the mixture thicker, add the flour so knead a firm dough. Add more flour …

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The Lemon Water Mistake Millions of People Make Every Morning

Water with lemon is extremely refreshing, invigorating, not to mention the fact that it gives a huge boost to your metabolism! Lemon is full of health benefits, in particular, is a great source of vitamin C. One cup of fresh lemon juice gives 18% of the recommended daily dose of vitamins, as well as potassium, magnesium and honey. There is a common mistake that most people make when drinking water with lemon. They …

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