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With These Five Liquid Weight Loss Tricks, All You’ll Have To Do To Slim Down Is Drink

Belly, buttocks, thighs: The Usual Suspects, when it comes to where we want to lose weight. It can be almost impossible to diet, exercise, or do anything good for yourself, though, when you are already trying to juggle work, children, family, friends… Fortunately, there are some incredibly simple ways to lose weight that will not cost you any time or money and will help you to feel much better! The key is to …

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The healthiest CAKE IN THE WORLD! Make a 6000 Years Old Recipe From Only Two Ingredients!

The desire for sweets exists ever since of ancient time, just as it is a big difference in what we eat and what they eat once a long time ago. We usually reach for unhealthy sweets, full of sugar, chemicals and so on. The recipe dates from 6000 years ago and is one of the most delicacy in ancient Greece and the Middle East was were – pastels, or intrion. It is a …

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Indulge yourself with a homemade chocolate. You have no idea how much is easy to prepare and what a pleasure will give you.

You can indulge yourself with a homemade chocolate, The recipe is as following: Products: 1 packet dry milk 1 cup sugar 200 ml. ( 6.78 fl 0z) cold water 7 tablespoons of cocoa 2 packets of vanilla Butter Method of preparation: The dry milk was stirred with water and sugar. After that add cocoa and vanilla. The mixture was heated on a water bath for 10 minutes and stirred continuously. Then removed from …

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Warning! 7 food products to NEVER reheat! They are a real threat to you and your loved ones (if reheated)

Don’t we all want to keep our food and have the leftovers either because we don’t want to cook the next day or maybe because it’s our favorite meal? But do we know what may and may not be reheated and why not? Here are the top seven foods you are never to reheat Spinach Eat only when fresh cooked. Nitrates transform into Nitrites when spinach is heated again. Nitrites are cancer causing …

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