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You can make your own energy drink rich with electrolytes

You may be familiar with various brands of sport energy drinks containing electrolytes: Powerade, Gatorade etc. They seem a good deal to you right? We all witness different athletes on TV drinking these kinds of neon-colored liquids from their bottles and you wonder they must have some kind of use and a benefit. Well, they do. In the moments of heavy exercises our body has increased need for electrolytes in order to keep …

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Secret Behind the Toothpaste Bottom Color

When we buy toothpaste we don’t usually pay attention to its bottom color. But we think that will change after reading this, where we will you provide you more details about your toothpaste. All you need to do is take a better look at the bottom of the toothpaste, at the package there should be a colored stripe. Depending on the composition of the toothpaste, stripes on the bottom will be of different …

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Quick Test: Check if you are stressed?

If your life is a constantly in fifth gear, the more likely you are stressed. Well, now you can check by this rapid test designed in England. Thanks to this test for a few seconds, you can see if you are stressed. British professor of psychology Akiyoshi Kitaoka invented fast optical test that measures the level of stress to which people are exposed. This is the so-called “rotational snake” that does not move, if …

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What Happens When You Quit Smoking Immediate And Long Term Benefits

by Mike Barrett While many people may not know everything smoking can potentially lead to, it is well known that nothing positive on a health level can come out the activity. Advertisers and Hollywood have successfully hammered the idea of smoking into our brains over the last few decades through placement in movies and TV shows, but thankfully people now know the truth concerning the negative health effects and child influence. Of course …

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