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16-Year-Old Girl With “Rapunzel Syndrome” Reportedly Dies After Eating Own Hair

Jasmine Beever was taken to hospital unconscious. Although the medics managed to stabilize her in just 15 minutes, she died soon after. The reason was peritonitis, due to the accumulated hair in her stomach, reported Independent, Jasmine’s family is in shock of what happened. “She was a caring and cheerful girl and one of those kids where she would make a sad face in the room smile” – her relatives say. This condition …

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If the Sink is Clogged, I Only Take 2 Tablets and Dissolve them in Vinegar, and For a Few Seconds I Solve the Problem!

Have you noticed that every house has its own smell? It is good when the apartment smells of freshly baked pie with apples or spring flowers. But what if the sewage odor comes from the kitchen or bathroom? Know that this is the first sign to signal that there are clogged pipes and urgently need to be cleaned. There are many methods to combat clogged canals. You could call a plumber, to use …

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Cancer is Modern and 100% Man-Made Disease!

After studying Egyptian mummies, it came to the conclusion that cancer disease was completely produced and induced by man. The study, which tested the ancient mummies and examined fossils and classical literature, found that tumors were rare and almost did not exist on our planet, but pollution, poor diet, and high-quality food became one of the most realistic issues increasing the risk of serious and frightening illnesses. The study showed that “the virtual …

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This Is My Secret Ingredient, Which I Put On My Flowers To Grow As Abnormal

Not everyone knows about all the amazing applications and benefits of vinegar. It turns out that it is an ideal assistant in the care of garden plants. Here’s how you could use vinegar in the garden Stop spending money on artificial chemicals to get rid of weeds. Instead, pour vinegar. Acetic acid stops the growth of weeds without damaging the soil. A mixture of 1 part vinegar to 1 part water keeps ants …

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A former US Navy SEAL tweeted his solution: Kim Jong Un Could Be “Eliminated” Only With Iphone

Washington articulates military options and sanctions against North Korea, to block the actions of dictator Kim Jong Un. While talking about military strikes, a former US sailor has provided a theory that may seem to work. Jocko Willink has shown the theory that the Dictator of North Korea can be defeated. On Twitter, he wrote that military intervention is not needed, nor any secret operation to kill Kim Jong. According to him, the …

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