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Every spring I bury tea bags in the soil ! You have no idea what benefits they have for the garden: the neighbors gathered to watch!

Don’t throw away your tea bags. Here are 8 reasons why you should plant them instead After hard day’s work, many of us prefer to drink a cup of tea. Then we usually throw tea bags in the trash. But if you have a garden then you need to think twice before throwing them in the trash. It turns out that using a bag of tea can be very useful for your gardening. …

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German Scientist and Nobel Laureate Warns: Unknown Virus In Beef And Cow Milk Causes Cancer (Video)

German scientist and Nobel Laureate winner in the field of physiology Harald Zur Hausen warns: poorly studied virus in cows can cause cancer in humans Hausen also shows that the level of colorectal cancer has increased since the Second World War. He is convinced that this is most relevant to the fact that beef-eating is popular in these countries. “I think domestic animals can be direct causes of colorectal cancer in humans, and …

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16-Year-Old Girl With “Rapunzel Syndrome” Reportedly Dies After Eating Own Hair

Jasmine Beever was taken to hospital unconscious. Although the medics managed to stabilize her in just 15 minutes, she died soon after. The reason was peritonitis, due to the accumulated hair in her stomach, reported Independent, Jasmine’s family is in shock of what happened. “She was a caring and cheerful girl and one of those kids where she would make a sad face in the room smile” – her relatives say. This condition …

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If the Sink is Clogged, I Only Take 2 Tablets and Dissolve them in Vinegar, and For a Few Seconds I Solve the Problem!

Have you noticed that every house has its own smell? It is good when the apartment smells of freshly baked pie with apples or spring flowers. But what if the sewage odor comes from the kitchen or bathroom? Know that this is the first sign to signal that there are clogged pipes and urgently need to be cleaned. There are many methods to combat clogged canals. You could call a plumber, to use …

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