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New Research, Chemicals Found In Mac And Cheese Powder Might Pose Serious Health Threat

New research indicates that macaroni and cheese powder contain high concentrations of potentially hazardous chemicals. The Coalition for Safer Food Industry and Packaging, the group behind KleanUpKraft.org, tested 30 phthalate cheese products, a group of plastics used to make plastics more flexible. The phthalate level was more than four times higher in macaroni and powdery cheese. The research, which was not published in the reviewing journal, was paid for by environmental groups. While …

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Incredible! All You Need Is A Tea Bag And You Will Never See Mice Or Spiders In Your House Again!

Nowadays, we believe that all people have problems with the appearance of spiders or mice in their homes This is a more common problem than you think, and it is not exactly resolved. In order to get rid of parasites and insects, people are often called exterminators but it is expensive methods and can have serious consequences for your health. This is why people try to find a natural solution to the problem, …

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She Took A Knife And A Sponge And Did Something That Women All Over The World Are Grateful For! (Video)

From time to time, there is some incredible trick that we can not believe, because we have not thought about it. The dishwashing sponge, many of us take for granted, but this brilliant video shows how it can be useful if you use it for some of these tricks. Did you know that from it you can make a real miracle to clean the house only with the help of a knife and …

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These 10 Companies Own All the World’s Food Brands (Infographic)

All the world’s largest product brands are owned by a handful of corporations. Food, cleaning products, media companies … everything is in the hands of these megacorporations. The graphics below show how everything is connected So if you’re looking stock up on anything, Mondelez, Coca – Cola, Nestle, PepsiCo, Mars, Danone, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Unilever PLC, have almost everything you would expect to buy. To visually clarify this question, Oxfam International has created …

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3 Safe Way To Get Rid Of Insects At Home! The second and third method I’ve already tried and I know they have a fantastic effect!

Getting rid of insects with poison is very easy, but it is very dangerous, especially if you have children and pets. We gathered tips on how to get rid of unwanted guests once and for all using the safest ways. How to get rid of cockroaches Cut the onion into small pieces. Stir onion with sodium bicarbonate. Put the mixture in the areas where there are cockroaches. Repeat if necessary. How to Get …

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