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If The Fish Bone Is Stuck In Your Throat, Immediately Do This!

Has it happened to you, eating a fish and stuck the bone in your throat. If this happens, certainly visit a doctor, do not play with the problem. These are some of the methods that will help if you can not immediately go to a doctor: Cough-coughing is an instinctive reaction that can help you. Coughing can help bone to be thrown out in the simplest way. Olive-tablespoon of olive oil can help …

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Oncologists Warn: These Are The First Symptoms Of Cancer, Do Not Ignore Them, This Can Save Your Life!

Earlier this year it was announced sociological report on the number of cancer victims in the US It turned out that in the US there are at least people who have died of cancer, unlike other European countries. Today we have decided to share with you the most common cancer symptoms. In 95% of cases when the malignancy “caught” in time, can be cured. Early Symptoms of Cancer 1. Swelling of the abdomen …

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The Signals That Your Body Sends You That You Have A Serious Illness But You Ignore Them (Photos)

It turns out that a certain type of pain may be a sign of a serious illness! Our body is a complex system of processes and mechanisms, and sometimes an inaccessible notion of the ordinary person without medical education. For example, why constant neck pain is the reason to visit a pulmologist or if you experience discomfort from the inside of your left hand, does it mean you have heart problems? Why does …

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Energy Saving Light Bulbs: Death Upon Our Heads! More Than 200 People Are In Hospitals Around The World!

Yes let’s be realistic, we all try to save some money in all possible ways, including replacing regular light bulbs with the low-energy white light bulbs. There is no harm in that, right? Well, not according to a study by the Fraunhofer Institute on the Federal Environmental Protection Agency Klauditz Wilhelm of Germany. Scientists at the Institute conducted a study that showed that light bulbs release 20 times more than the permissible concentration …

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