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WARNING: Here’s Why You or Your Child Should Never Seat in “W” Position

Have you ever seen your child or someone else sitting on the floor with the legs on both their sides, that form the shape of the letter W? Better known as W sits, this situation can prove to you just how flexible the child. While flexibility is good for your muscles, the sitting position is definitely not good for you. The harmful effects sitting in this position will not appear immediately, but simply …

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This 2-year-old has a maniacal solution to the trolley problem

  Problem trolley is well known philosophical dilemma that toys with one’s morality. Video below of 2-year-old “solve” a famous thought experiment that goes viral on YouTube and Reddit. The thought experiment goes as follows: the trolley is speeding down a railway. Next, five people tied up to the tracks, unable to move. You watch it all happen from above. For you, there is a lever that can be used to divert the …

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For the First Time In History, Cannabis Oil Will Be Legally Used in a Hospital, To Save a 2-Month Old Baby Girl

Happy couple begin again living together with their baby girl Amylea, the parents Nicole and Ernie Nunez were looked forward at the beginning in their lives, when she was born Amylea Unfortunately, “The day after we went home from birth, when she had her first seizure,” Nicole said. “She has a rare form of epilepsy. They do not know exactly the type.” Since then, the couple has tried many methods to treat their …

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PARENTS BE CAREFUL! When The Doctor Saw The Teeth Of 3-Year-Old With Caries – He Had To Remove 11 Teeth From This Child!

More than 93% of people of all ages suffer from tooth decay. There is no one adult without caries, it must be prevented in childhood. Unfortunately, regular brushing may not be an essential factor for avoiding caries as the main cause of unpleasant diseases are bacteria that cause tooth decay. These bacteria infect children, while transfer is with kisses and cutlery. Parents often make fatal mistakes in their children’s health … Caries prevention …

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Every Morning, Drink A Glass Of This Water Which is Great Immunity Booster, Anti-Cancer and Toxins Cleanse

It will help in the fight against obesity. This cleansing of the body, will help to expel toxins that ruin and it is secure shield against cancer, for a lifetime. Experts advise regularly cleanse the body from toxins, in order to keep away from a number of diseases, including and treacherous cancer. Much of severe diseases, such as cancer are the result of congestion on our body with toxins that are literally ruining …

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