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A former US Navy SEAL tweeted his solution: Kim Jong Un Could Be “Eliminated” Only With Iphone

Washington articulates military options and sanctions against North Korea, to block the actions of dictator Kim Jong Un. While talking about military strikes, a former US sailor has provided a theory that may seem to work. Jocko Willink has shown the theory that the Dictator of North Korea can be defeated. On Twitter, he wrote that military intervention is not needed, nor any secret operation to kill Kim Jong. According to him, the …

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Why America Still Uses Fahrenheit Degrees As a Temperature Measure?  

Almost every country uses Celsius degrees as a measure of temperature, but in the United States things are different. Although this is not a big problem, however, the use of the metric system is a lack of America. For example, American children should learn two types of measures, making their teaching of science more difficult. US companies, meanwhile, need to produce additional products to export them to the countries that are following the …

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WHAT DO YOU THINK, Which Of These People Are Rich? – The Answer Reveals Interesting Things About You

The attitude of man to wealth and money can be much talked about him as a person. Of course, the difference in thought between the poor and the rich exists, but even among people with the same remnant can be found scarce and generous, and kind, and severe and honest. Take a closer look at this photo. Whose welfare you think above? If you choose a girl It is extremely important to you, …

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8 Things You Should Do Tonight After 8 PM

1. Spend time with the people you love Never forget to spend quality time with those who love you. If after a hard day you sit on the couch next to each other with your cell phones in hand – this is not a good time spent in common. Human contact is extremely beneficial both physically and emotionally. It causes release of oxytocin – a “hormone of attachment”, which helps to reduce stress, …

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Top scientist admits on live TV: Recent hurricanes are man-made

A year ago, physicist Michio Kaku appeared on CBS news and accidentally admitted that the government was modifying the weather. But, before he realized what he had done, the interviewer interrupted him to say the weather modification programs were only “alleged, alleged”. Things that make you think twice! “However, geoengineering is not a new idea, and government-funded programs, such as the HAARP Program, was created in the early 1990s and was an ionosphere …

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5 Terrifying Facts About Hurricane Irma We All Should Know

Hurricane Irma has already begun to lead her war, thrashing through the Caribbean Islands at a speed of 185 miles per hour. And as many people know, she’s not done. Florida is bracing for the impact, due to arrive on Sunday as a category 5 hurricane. Some people are scared and may be wonderingg how much this storm has devastated and could potentially be. To help you understand just what we have to …

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