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This New Dental Discovery Will Allow You To Grow Your Own Teeth In Only 9 Weeks

Prostheses and implants may soon become a past, as scientists say it is possible to grow new, legitimate human teeth in oral cavities! Until now, the only option to compensate for tooth loss was a prosthesis or implant, but since both methods can adversely affect health, scientists have explored how naturally people can restore their teeth. “Dental prostheses can cause infection, injury or damage to surrounding tissues, nerves, and even sinuses, and implants …

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Zu San Li: What You Should Know About the Point of Longevity

A Japanese legend says in a long time ago, lived a happy man who received from his father invaluable knowledge – knowledge of the point of longevity or point of hundreds of diseases. The son daily massaged this point and have seen the birth and death of several emperors. Point massage is one of the oldest methods of treatment in the East, which has lasted for several thousand years. Our body generally has …

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2 Minutes A Day You Need, To Be Happier – Here’s How!

You may not have heard that happiness lies in the little things. Recently, and scientists have confirmed it. A new study proves: if we spend even two minutes a day at nature, we will feel more joyful, relaxed and satisfied. When a person sees a bird, a plant along the road or even the sun, that shines through the window, it increases the sense of happiness. People who participated in the study recorded …

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Warning Sign: Deficiency Of This Vitamin Causes Back And Joint Pain!

Joint pain is most commonly caused by aging or injuries, but it is not widely known that it is a possible symptom of vitamin deficiency. Joint and back pain are often the result of physical inactivity, and it is vital to start exercising regularly to maintain your overall health. Pain, however, may also be due to poor eating habits. Researchers have found that vitamin D deficiency often causes joint and back pain as …

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Except For Tooth Brushing, Toothpaste Has Perfect Other Uses: Cleans The Silver Jewelry, Heals Damaged Skin And 13 More Benefits!

Did you know, that toothpaste can be used for other purposes, except for brushing teeth. Not only can it be used, but it is extremely effective. Here are some possible uses for toothpaste 1. Relieves the irritation from insect bites, cuts and blisters; 2. Relieves the pain of burns; 3. Removes stubborn stains of clothing and carpets; 4. Allows you to hide skin imperfections by accelerating the process of healing the damaged skin …

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