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When you desire something really you can do it

When you desire something really you can do it: A young girl,grow thin more than 30 kilos (66lb), to be able to shine in a her dream wedding dress.

Christie Thomas is found wedding dress of her dreams, but could not enter into it. So she decided to tangle and lost more than 30 kilogram (66lb). Christie had 97 kilos (213lb), but on the day of the wedding could be proud to have the 65 kg (143lb)

When I saw off wedding, I knew that I had to wear to a wedding. But I could not get into it, so I had to change my life from the roots and get back into shape. I wanted the photos from the wedding that I could be proud of, and I knew that the only way to make that happy is to weight loss and get into that perfect off wedding – Christie explains.

Christie before diet

Christie from Maesteg in Wales has always had problems with their weight and can be claimed.

– I have always received weight easily and I had to watch what I eat. Just over one weekend I was able to gain weight two kilos if not controlled. I noticed that my kilograms out of control and it’s affected my confidence. Many I have grown fatter since I gave birth to my first son. When you are pregnant, you are saying that you can eat for two, but this is a myth. You only need a few more calories in the last months of pregnancy, but otherwise should eat normal. Grown fatter I was 10 kilogram (22lb) during pregnancy, and I had grown gaunt after childbirth – she tells.

For a time she was so obese that it has become clumsy, and a few times and fell. Doctors told her that her obesity is to blame for its lows. But she decided to tangle only during the vacation in the Dominican Republic.

– I walked the beach when we approached a group of women who were fit and looked perfectly in swimsuits. I felt bad because I was not in shape and I noticed that I was watching and admiren them. I knew I had to change – she says.

Christie, who has two children, last August bought off wedding, and nine months later, in May this year, got married in her wedding dress of her dreams.

christie vacation

Christie 1But losing weight was not easyChristie had to change the diet completely and to exercise regularly. Earlier could not resist sweets and smell of food, but during the nine month managed to abstain.

Christie in August began to keep a low fat diet, she released the snacks and started eating low-calorie bread.

She began rows to exercise and if it ever occurred to me to give up, just to look at her perfect off wedding and continued practicing.

– When I was one seriously started working, it just never stopped. I started to walk regularly and I would’t skip exercising. My wedding dress stood perfect on the day of the wedding and I looked wonderful.

It was the most beautiful day of my life. I have some photos from the wedding I always wanted – says the woman insisted that effort paid off.

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