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Find out what is the role of fruit in weight loss

Find out what is the role of fruit in weight loss

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy and balanced diet, and can help us when we are trying to lose weight. However, some reflections on the fruits and vegetables we are confusing. For example, many people think that one should avoid fruits like bananas and avocados, as this fruit is fattening. On the other hand, some of us think that the grapefruit is excellent for weight loss.

What is the truth about fruits and vegetables?

It has been scientifically proven that eating various fruits and vegetables is necessary for good health and that these foods help in weight loss. The reason is that fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, and has very little fat and calories.

These three things are the key to successful weight loss and it should be based diet.

Most fruits and vegetables contain lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. All that protects us from disease, helping us to make them look nicer and happier. The reason why fruits and vegetables plays an important role in weight loss is that it would be slimmed down to be entered fewer calories than usual, for it is the perfect fruits and vegetables because, as already mentioned, contains very few calories.


For example, a meal consisting of 150 g of chicken breast meat, 300 g of potatoes, 20 g butter and 30 g of low-fat cheese a total weight of 500 grams. This meal contains 790 calories.

If you replace the meal with the following: 130 g chicken breast, 200 g potatoes, 5 g butter, 80 g broccoli, carrots 45 g and 40 g of lettuce, also will get a weight of 500 grams. But do you know what the value of such a meal? Only 480 calories, which is more than 300 calories less than the previous meal has been without fruit and vegetables with only one (potatoes). It’s interesting that you both meals just enough, but the second installment brings with it a lot less calories.

We’ll be back at the beginning of the story, and foods such as bananas and avocados. They are certainly richer in calories than other fruits, but they still contain many nutrients and fiber to fill you up. As regards grapefruit and its properties. It is a fruit with an extremely low-calorie, but there is no solid evidence that grapefruit help to lose weight more than other fruits.

Enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables every day. The goal is to have five meals a day containing fruits or vegetables. However, one must keep in mind that you, for example, dried fruit is not the same as fresh in terms of calorific value.

At the end, an example of how to fill the five daily servings of fruits or vegetables: 1 apple, 2 plums, 1 slice pineapple, 3 dried apricots and 1 small glass of fruit juice.

Of course, fruits and vegetables can be incorporated into everyday meals.

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