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Five kinds of fruit that burns fat

Five kinds of fruit that burns fat

Most fruits contain excessive amounts of natural sugars which are quickly converted into fat if you are eating too much of it. But there are some fruits that are doing the exact opposite, which will introduce burn fat. By adding these fruits in your own food is easier to lose weight. We’ll list the top 5 fruits that help in weight loss.

1.) Avocado

– This fruit contains a lot of very healthy omega-9 fatty acids, and fatty acids contained in olive oil, olives and nuts. Avocados are great because they speed up the conversion of fat into energy and metabolism, which is very important in weight loss.


2.)  Coconut

– abundant compounds which accelerate the metabolism by up to 30%, say experts. Excellent and coconut oil that helps the functioning of the thyroid gland. In fact, all products including coconut flour and milk contain compounds that help the body.

3.) Lemon

– excellent for detoxification of the body, but also to speed up the metabolism. Although many of his taste too acidic, the body he’s doing great things. For example, maintains the health of the liver and helps burn fat.

4.) Grapefruit

– many studies showed that grapefruit excellent for weight loss. In a study at Johns Hopkins University found that grapefruit significantly helps women who want to lose weight.

5.) Tomatoes

– rich in vitamin C and stimulates the production of the amino acid carnitine. Studies have shown that carnitine helps speed up bodily fat burning by up to one-third.

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