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Four habits that will extend the life

Four habits that will extend the life

The scientists in the latest study argue that if you eat healthy, you practice regularly, do not smoke or drink large amounts of alcohol – you can extend the life span.

According to a new study published in the journal “Preventive Medicine” life span can be extended if it avoids four bad habits: smoking, alcohol, bad food and inactivity.

The research scientists at the University of Zurich participated in 16,721 people, aged 16 to 90 years. The purpose of the study was to determine how healthy habits seem expressed in numbers and then demonstrate how to avoid unhealthy factors can contribute to extending the expected life span.

Research has shown that smoking is definitely the biggest risk factor, and smokers have a 57 percent higher risk of premature death. Also, people who do not omit any of the four bad habits are two and a half times greater risk of premature death.

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– We were quite surprised by two and a half times greater risk of premature death that is created by these four factors when combined. For example, the probability of that 75-year-old man, who can not avoid any of these four risk factors, experience the next ten years is only 35 percent. However, if that same person is avoiding these risk factors – the chances of a longer life amount to as much as 67 percentage according to the researchers.

In addition, the impact of unhealthy lifestyle increases with age. For persons aged between 45 and 55 years who smoke, drink alcohol, not practicing and unhealthy foods, the effect of negative factors is significantly lower than for those from 65 to 75 years. The odds that a person 75 years of living a healthy experience for the next ten years is 67 percent.

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