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How to get bigger breasts

How to get bigger breasts

Small breasts are not necessarily a disadvantage. With a few tricks you can change the look and visual your breasts look bigger.

Women with small breasts also have problems as women with large breasts, when it comes to buying bras and dress that will fit on the body. But for every problem there is a solution.

When choosing a bra, try to buy a push-up bra. This piece of clothing makes seemingly larger breasts. Whether filled with gel or cotton, with push-up bra your boobs will get volume.

Best look in combination with narrow open shirts, sweaters or blouses interesting. Also, wear dresses with an interesting specimen in his chest, like a flower, butterfly or various patterns.

As for the color of your clothing, wear bright colors. Bright color, unlike the dark creates the illusion that something is bigger or wider.


Horizontal stripe, also great for creating visually size. When dial pants and skirts, not dial striking pieces of clothing that will attract the attention of the lower half of the body.

When it comes to fashion accessories, they can greatly help in achieving this goal.

For example, thin and long necklaces can make breasts bigger visually.

Wear clothing waist, it creates the illusion of breasts fill and generally creates the illusion of a better body.

And helps if you wear big and wide belt at the waist.

Besides clothes, there are other ways for breast augmentation. Mix fresh onion juice with honey and turmeric powder.

This mixture is used to tighten the chest. After massage this mixture, women are advised to wear a bra all day and night for better effect.

Your breasts may look bigger, stronger and better shaped if you exercise.

Doctors recommend men and women to work the pectoral muscles.

Practice every day for a few minutes at home or traveling to the gym at least once a week.

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