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How to Lose 3 kg (6 Lbs) in One Week

Sweet and delicious, and also speeds up the metabolism and helps weight loss. What more wished for? If you want to lose up to 3 kg (6lbs) a week, even when you sleep, diet with honey is the right choice for you.

Forget about the harmful refined sugar and replace it with natural honey. The basis of the intention of this diet is that your body stops craves sugar.

With several council achieve accountability for efficiency in fat burning, and the consume healthy habits in life. Also, what would you urge to turn the situation to their advantage is a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of honey.

WHAT should you eat:

RULE 1: replacement of sugar with honey

There is much evidence to show that the blame for the accumulation of fat not only fat but also sugar. Cut out all sugar and use honey as an alternative. The day should you start a glass of lukewarm water and a teaspoonful of honey. In your breakfast, you can insert whole grain bread with honey. Do not forget! Half an hour before you go to sleep, repeat this process.


RULE 2: Select unrefined carbohydrates

Wholemeal bread, pasta, wholemeal rice are rich in fiber and encourage better digestion. If you want to have the feeling of satiety, insert proteins and plenty of vegetables in your dish.


Eat grilled fish, skinless chicken, pork, beef, eggs … These are the foods that will take place that will last up, reduce the sugar in the body.

RULE 4: Salad, Vegetables, Fruits

There is no rule in this diet, which restricts the amount of salad that you eat. Eat at least two fruits a day. Also, eat yogurt, fresh cheese and milk.


Fast foods, potato chips, snacks, cakes, soft drinks, fried foods, processed foods, and similar

– Choose one day a week and remove the intake of carbohydrates completely.

– With this diet forget the potatoes in any form.

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