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Learn how meditation which applied by Goldie Hawn can to alleviate the pain

Clinical studies have shown that deep concentration and involvement of the mind in meditation, may relieve pain and up to 57 percent. And the famous actress Goldie Hawn argues that such meditation can move the boundaries of his own fortune.

Living with chronic pain is often unbearable. You’re trying desperately to do something, anything, to give yourself a bit easier situation, but nothing eliminates the persistent pain.

As far as trying to distract yourself thinking, you can not escape from the fact that it hurts.

But the pain is not only physical but also a mental thing, because your brain is trying to cope with painful stimuli and captures the desire to pain discounts. But now doctors believe that this fight is only intensifies the pain. New clinical studies have shown that acceptance and exploration of painful irritation and illness in the elimination of pain may help more than a painkiller drugs that doctors usually prescribe.

Goldie HawnThe ancient practice of meditation aware represents the basis for a new treatment that reduces pain and up to 57 percent. People who have experience in this practice, fail to alleviate pain by as much as 90 percent, and one of these experienced advocates meditation and actress Goldie Hawn, who said that through this practice we can move the boundary of his own fortune.

The actress was within its Foundation launched a program that will teach children that through meditation overcome stress and anxiety. For their dedication to meditation, Goldie Hawn has scientific arguments.

The pain comes in primary and secondary form. The primary pain is the result of raw information, pulses, which informs the brain that the body is affected, whether for illness, injury or some other reason that harms the body.

Secondary pain is the response of the brain to information that has been received and it is more intense and lasts longer. Through conscious meditation can terminate this intense, secondary pain.

meditationWe do not tolerate pain passive, and when our brain receives information about pain, he zooms in attempts to find a solution.

The problem is that the brain is unable to resolve a problem has arisen, and the pain is increased due to the absorption of the brain on him.

Meditation prevent exactly this reaction, a trained brain does not respond to the primary impulse that sends the body. The consequence of this is that the pain we feel in a much smaller degree.

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