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Permanently weakening of 10 kilos in 7 days

Diet that will introduce you now, allegedly helped overthrow whole 10 kilogram (22 pounds) within a week due to her strong purifying the organism. So: 7-day cleansing diet and lasting weakening .

More Info Metabolic diet for 13 days, weight loss of 7 to … amazing recipe of honey, nuts, pectin and cinnamon of Professor Hristo Mermerski from Bulgaria for weight loss and treatment of cancer.
Weight loss diet belly -4 kg(8.8 pounds) for 7 days;
Amazing Diet ,Get rid of pesky belly and love handles! – 7 days minus 5 kg (11 pounds).

“Read how …


First Day – “liquid”

Accepted any fluids in unlimited amounts. Of course, it is preferable to bet on natural, free of artificial ingredients, clear water and herbal teas. Drink and many broths.

Second day – vegetable

Eat all kinds of salads, it’s nice to include cabbage in them, because it helps burn fat.

Third day – again “liquid”

Fourth day – fruit

Take fruits, among them a nice present and grapefruit.

Fifth day – protein

Consumed eggs, boiled chicken, you also can include yogurt.

Sixth day – “liquid”

dietSeventh day – transition.

The seventh day is a transition as it passes to the normal diet. This should happen very smoothly, so it is recommended the following menu:

Breakfast – tea and two boiled eggs;
Second breakfast – fruit;
Lunch – soup or can cook a good soup with rice or buckwheat;
Snack – fruit;
Dinner – salad, seasoned with vegetable oil / olive oil and a little salt if desired.

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